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Merlin Sythove, witch extraordinaire

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Morgana Post number 14663 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject: Merlin Sythove, witch extraordinaire
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(Han-Dennis ten Siethoff)

Born in Ede, The Netherlands, Dennis lived most of his life in Zeist in the province of Utrecht.
In an area surrounded by forests and woods he was educated in the Anthroposophic school system. In later years he would go on to write an article entitled the Enchanted Path, which gives us some insight into his teenage years, during which he also taught himself astrology:
What do you do if you are sixteen and you suddenly realise that you want to become a magician? When you start wondering why wizards and magicians existed in the past, but not in modern day life? Why is that the case? Why shouldnt I be a magician?
There are enough old books, Grimoire and legends to give some justification to their existence. Why shouldnt I be a twentieth century magician?

His interest in things magical attracted to him to the wild hills of England, to Pendle Hill in Lancashire, which he visited on a cycling holiday in about 1974. It is also during this time that Dennis developed his interest in Wicca.

Only 2 years later in 1976 he met Lesley who shared his background in Anthroposophy, and together they ended up
in the beautiful forested area of Bosch-en-Duin, Zeist.
His magical quest as Merlin was about to unfold:
During a visit to England in 1979, Real Magic would propel him into higher dimensions. A meeting with a couple of Witches in Brighton l
iterally opened the door to what Dennis had always wanted... to become a Witch. And on 19th September 1979 he and Lesley
were initiated as Witches in Gardnerian Wicca.

From that moment on his life became one which was devoted to the Craft. Under the pen name Merlin his many enterprises ranged from launching a small newsletter in 1980 called Wiccan Rede to organising many activities, forming groups and founding the network Silver Circle together with his former partner Morgana/Lesley.

In 1984 he initiated the first Gardnerian Witch in the Netherlands Jana and he became the founding Father of the Dutch Gardnerian community. For more than 25 years he and Morgana would lead their coven, but at the same time help many pagans find their own path outside of the Craft.
When his daughter Rhianne Sylvana was born in 1985 he became a dedicated full time father and househusband. Was it a coincidence that Rhianne was born on 21 June, the Summer Solstice, in a hospital on the very same solar alignment as Slot Zeist? Who knows?
The ensuing years were a true fulfilment of the Path of the Hearth fire as he himself described this time period. From writing articles for Wiccan Rede and running a coven, to learning how to program computers, cooking and cleaning, renovation work, and learning how to play Djembe: His life was as varied as any Medieval Magician.

He was in fact the embodiment of a 20th Century magician: with his knowledge and patient teachings he created a lasting imprint on the Wiccan community in the Netherlands and abroad, which would not have been the same without him.
When his time on the Path of the Hearth Fire came to an end, he reinvented himself once more: having found his footing in life, he blossomed. He launched and moderated an authoritative Dutch Wiccan Internet forum, ran Wiccan Workshops, started to teach djembe and performed with his band 'de Slag ende Stoot' at Medieval fairs.

It is in that same time period that he found his new love and High Priestess Sarah, which whom he made many exciting plans for the future: both in the Craft and in his personal life. Sadly he was unable to complete these plans, and the Craft community will be poorer for not having been able to benefit more from his knowledge.

As Elder of the Gardnerian Community his spirit will live on in the hearts of many, not only in his beloved Pan Bos, but in the greater forests and woodlands. A true Robin, a great Merlin.

May the Gods guide him and bless him on his new journey, Blessed Be.
Morgana & Boann

NB the Moon Calendar pictured above was created by Merlin and embodies his spirit and life's philosophy.

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Paul Post number 14665 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Thank you.

Fulltime prutser
Lady Bara Post number 14666 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Dear Sophia dear Morgana dear Rhianne,
this is really a wonderfull post that tells many pagans/witches who he was.
He will never be forgotten, also not by the many Alexandrians in the Netherlands. After all, we are all witches.
I wish you all much strenghts, Sarah Rhianne Lesley and close friends and family.

Blessed Be
Lady Bara

Bara, born a dog died a Lady.
Rozemarijn Post number 14668 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Thank you for this beautiful story about Merlin. He will be dearly missed...
Love and strength to you, Rhianne, Sarah and other family and friends.
Luna Verde Post number 14669 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Thank you my friend.
Leijhana Post number 14674 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
Perfect... thank you!!!!
Tin Post number 14677 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
I have translated your words into Polish, for other pagans in the world to read it. Thank you.
Anita Post number 14680 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Very beautiful written. Thank you for this glimpse into his life.
* Brightest blessings and lots of love! *

"As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."
~ Virginia Woolf
SothiS Post number 14683 Posted: 6th January 2012     Subject:
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Thank you very much for the story Morgana. Brightest blessings and lots of strength.
Jo Patterson Post number 14690 Posted: 7th January 2012     Subject:
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He sounds like a wonderful and creative man. The whole world will be effected
by the loss of this bright light. For it is when each person does what it takes to
shine with his own talents, that he shows others how to shine with theirs.
Link Post number 14697 Posted: 7th January 2012     Subject:
Blessings to Merlin, and to all those he touched over the years.



Visit us at
Phoenixspell Post number 14698 Posted: 7th January 2012     Subject:
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Sounds like a wonderful bright Spirit, I wish I would have had a chance to meet him someday.
Truly a great Loss for the Pagan Community.

Blessings to Merlin, his Family and Friends.
Morgana Post number 14705 Posted: 8th January 2012     Subject:
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Dear All,

Last night we said our farewell to Dennis/Merlin.

It was a wonderful ceremony with hundreds of our extended Wiccan family attending.
With live music and wonderful words or remembrance it was a very moving experience.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and in particular Rhianne in this very sad time.

There have been so many tributes. This is a musical tribute from Vincent who came to us when he was barely 17.
Now married with children of his own he and many others will keep the memory of Merlin alive.

Thank you.
Blessed be,
Lunarose Post number 14706 Posted: 8th January 2012     Subject:
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Beautiful story Morgana, thank you so much for shareing with us
Blessed be xx
Morgana Post number 14721 Posted: 10th January 2012     Subject:
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Hallo Tin,

many thanks for the translation for the Polish forum;

I am adding the link here:

http://paganfederation. ... &start=0

thanks again,
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