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Ontwaken Post number 22758 Posted: 28th May 2016     Subject: Victoria & Albert Museum Loans
After many months of behind the scenes form filling, we are very pleased to be lending some objects to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new show So you want a Revolution?: Records and Rebels 1966-70. When Simon met the curators last year and told them about the fantastic collection here in Boscastle they were really keen for the MWM collection to be part of the exhibition.

Records and Rebels opens on Saturday 10 September 2016 in London, and will tour extensively across Europe and North America. The exhibition will focus on the social, political, and cultural changes of the latter half of the 1960s and the search for a better world. A section of the exhibition will consider Wicca and a revived interest in the Occult as part of this. One of the objects on loan is this fabulous recent donation from Patricia Crowther (photographed in 1968):

MWM objects will mingle with other fascinating collections charting revolutionary new ways of living: underground magazines from Oz to the International Times; a shopping list written behind barricades during the 1968 Paris student riots; a moon rock on loan from NASA alongside the space suit worn by William Anders, who took the defining ‘Earthrise’ photograph on the Apollo 8 mission; a rare Apple 1 computer; an Ossie Clark costume for Mick Jagger; original artworks by Richard Hamilton; shards from Jimi Hendrix’s guitar; the suits worn by John Lennon and George Harrison on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and handwritten lyrics for ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ by the Beatles.

I am sure you will agree that this is not only great publicity for MWM, but it also demonstrates the strength and depth of the collections and their continued relevance today. ... bels-1966-70

http://museumofwitchcra ... m-loans.html
Ontwaken Post number 22762 Posted: 30th May 2016     Subject: Museum is taking part in Carer's Week
We are delighted to be taking part in Carer's Week again this year by offering free entry to carers during the week of June 6th-12th.

It really is such a small thing to do for people who do so much for others. It is a pity more organisations aren't taking part! Below is the list of places taking part in Carer's Week in Cornwall this year.

http://museumofwitchcra ... rs-week.html
Ontwaken Post number 22775 Posted: 3rd June 2016     Subject: Questions from the Pagan Writers Community
A few weeks ago, we were asked a series of thoughtful questions by the Pagan Writer's Community (via Mario Woolley), The questions and answers can now be read online:

http://paganwriterscomm ... aft-and.html

We hope to see many of their readers here soon!

http://museumofwitchcra ... mmunity.html

http://paganwriterscomm ... aft-and.html
Ontwaken Post number 22791 Posted: 6th June 2016     Subject: Poster of the Week
Dr. Louise Fenton, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Wolverhampton has been visiting the Museum for many years, she is a Friend of the Museum and has spent a lot of time researching the poppets in the Museum's collection. Her research will be published next year by Troy Books.

She recently visited the Museum and dropped off some wonderful posters that her students had created for the Museum. We thought they were amazing but we can't decide which we like the most. They are all going to go on display in the Museum (on the stairs near Joan's cottage) so visitors can see them. We are going to put one a week on the blog from now on and then ask people to tell us their favourite in a few weeks time. We were thinking that the winning poster design could be made into a poster for sale in the Museum shop.

Here is poster number one... http://museumofwitchcra ... of-week.html
Ontwaken Post number 22808 Posted: 11th June 2016     Subject: Black Pullet "iron on" badges
Arguably, one of the most interesting displays in the Museum is the collection of talismans which were created by Mrs A Dodsworth based on the 18th century book or grimoire "The Black Pullet". They have been in the Museum since the 1960s and are now displayed near herbs and healing on the way to the wise woman's cottage (see photo below).

Thoughts have been whirling for a while for a way to enable visitors to "take home" or "make their own" version of these talismans. It had to be something on textiles to stay true to the objects and there was talk of a cross stitch kit and we also briefly considered a tea towel.

Now, we have a shop stock item which incorporates the ideas and motifs of the Black Pullet - iron on (or sew on) fabric badges. We commissioned two designs, photographed below are the original talismans and the copies (available to buy from the shop and online shop for £2).

The black design is said to "give discernment for the good or bad intentions of any person" while the yellow design is said to "endow the possessor with every virtue and talent as well as a desire to do good".

http://www.museumofwitc ... e-black.html

http://www.museumofwitc ... -yellow.html

http://museumofwitchcra ... -badges.html
Ontwaken Post number 22817 Posted: 15th June 2016     Subject: Poster of the Week Two...
These posters were designed for the Museum by students at the University of Wolverhampton. We're going to showcase them all online (and in the Museum) and then ask people to vote for their favourite (it will be a tough decision!)

This poster was designed by Mary Philips.

http://museumofwitchcra ... eek-two.html
Ontwaken Post number 22818 Posted: 17th June 2016     Subject: New site for the museum
The museum now has its new website up and running.

You can visit following this link:

The old site has been password protected.

Ontwaken Post number 22820 Posted: 22nd June 2016     Subject: Drawing to discover: the british witch a pop up exhibition b
Drawing to Discover: The British Witch

A Pop Up Exhibition by Hayley Potter MA RCA


Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016 (usual museum opening hours)

and Saturday 23rd July 2016 8 – 10.30pm during the Museum’s Candelit evening

Hayley’s drawings will be displayed next to some of the museum objects drawn during her artists’ residency at the museum.

“There remain a few key threads that continue to characterise Hayley’s style: warmth is one of them – there’s a joy to all of her work – and also a kind of openness to the unusual…” Tom Jeffreys

Hayley Potter is a British Illustrator and Writer. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, her work is inspired and informed by folklore, natural history, the magic in the everyday and the stories that give us ownership over the land and spaces we visit, exist in and live upon.

This pop up exhibition in the Museum’s library will feature a selection of drawings and sketchbooks from Hayley Potter’s studio that have all taken a role in a drawing based research project which investigates The Witch, one of the most iconic characters in British History, who for centuries has blurred the boundaries between the real and the imagined.

The exhibition will be divided into modes of drawing, visitors will have the opportunity to see some of the working processes Hayley uses in her studio including Drawing from Memory, Sketchbooks, Imaginative Drawing and Ceramics, Photomontage, and for the first time Hayley’s original drawings from her artist residences at The Museum of Witchcraft and The Pitt Rivers Museum will be on show.

The artist will be creating work on site during the exhibition, and most drawings and ceramics will be available to purchase as originals, prints or cards.

This exhibition has been kindly supported by Arts University Bournemouth where Hayley is Course Leader of MA Illustration, The Museum of Witchcraft and Hatch Drawing & Research.
Morgana Post number 22821 Posted: 23rd June 2016     Subject:
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Hi folks,

Last Saturday - June 18 - Julian Vayne and I visited the Museum. I had a lovely chat with Judith and Joyce.
And now our DVD/Book "Witches in Holland" is also on sale there now [Very happy]

See for more information:

We also had a look at the library which houses hundreds of manuscripts, books, and other documents. Amazing!

Definitely worth visiting if you are in Cornwall!

Thanks Ben for keeping us informed of all the activities.
I am planning on submitting PFI as a member of "Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft"
You will also be able to represent us at the Annual General Meeting [Very happy]

Bright blessings from MWM, Boscastle,

Ontwaken Post number 22824 Posted: 24th June 2016     Subject:

I would be honored to represent the PFI at the AGM
Ontwaken Post number 22828 Posted: 25th June 2016     Subject: Poster of the week, week three
These fabulous posters were made for the Museum by students at the University of Wolverhampton. This week’s poster was created by Laura Hough. We will be asking people to vote for their favourite in a few week’s time.

To see the previous posters, have a look here:
http://museumofwitchcra ... of-week.html
http://museumofwitchcra ... eek-two.html

http://museumofwitchcra ... -week-three/
Ontwaken Post number 22843 Posted: 29th June 2016     Subject: Lammas window display
We change our window display so that it co-ordinates with the Wheel of the Year. The next seasonal festival is: Lammas or Lughnasadh (1st August)

Lammas or Lughnasadh is one of the four cross quarter days celebrated by witches.

This ancient festival marks the point half way between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox.

It celebrates the first grain harvest and is named after the Celtic God Lugh.

The Anglo-Saxon name of this festival is Hlafmesse meaning “loaf-mass”.

On Lammas day in 1940 witches gathered in the New Forest to raise a “cone of power” to prevent Hitler’s troops invading England. The assembly included Gerald Gardner and Old Dorothy Clutterbuck and several other renowned witches,

Traditionally Lammas is celebrated by taking a spiral path to the summit of a Lammas hill such as Silbury Hill or Glastonbury Tor.

For Lammas, the stag’s antlers (in the main window display) have been decorated with straw art and corn dollies made for the Museum by Gillian Nott. If you like the look of these wonderful items, Gillian will be demonstrating how they are made outside the Museum on Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st.

We cannot thank Gillian enough for this wonderful window display which is a complete joy to look at!

Straw Art

Straw or corn art was made around the time of the harvest perhaps as a way of saying thank-you for the crops.

When harvesting, farmers will often leave the last stand of corn as it contains the spirit of the crop. In some parts of the country this will be cut by ritually throwing sickles. The corn would then be used to decorate the farmhouse for “Harvest Home”, and be made into a corn dolly to protect the home and guarantee the crops for the next season.

THE CORNISH ‘NECK’ (photographed above)

The Cornish Neck differs from those made in other parts of the country in that it is tied, not spiral plaited. Full length stalks of wheat are stripped of their flags (leaves) and bunched together so that the bundle just under the ears of corn is the thickness of a goose’s neck. The Neck is then dressed with ribbons. Long ribbons criss-cross the length of the dolly. Two fringes of ribbons are added, one at the top so that it will cover the hand, and one at the bottom “to swirl out like a wumman’s skirt”. In the 1830s it was the women who reaped, and the Neck was decorated with poppies, cornflowers and betony. No ribbons then, they were far too costly. This design is from Ruan Minor, near The Lizard.

Gillian also made a series of Cornish corn dollies (they are so beautiful and so varied!) Here they are as they appear in the window display.

http://museumofwitchcra ... dow-display/
Morgana Post number 22866 Posted: 7th July 2016     Subject: Article about the museum on wiccan rede website
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11 JUNE 2016

Many thanks to Morgana for the great write up! ... oscastle-uk/

The Museum has a lot of Wiccan items, Gerald Gardner was involved in the Museum in the early days as its "resident witch". Here he is photographed outside the Witch's Mill (the Museum's name when it was on the Isle of Man).

http://museumofwitchcra ... ede-website/
Ontwaken Post number 22869 Posted: 9th July 2016     Subject: Summer break
I'll be off to Boscastle tomorrow so no updates for the next 10 days.

Hope to see and read you soon after this break iwith more hot news on the museum.

Ben Verhaevert
European ambassador to the museum of Witchcraft and magick
Ontwaken Post number 22888 Posted: 25th July 2016     Subject: Back again
After our onderful visit to Cornwall and the museum back up for new info.



This new podcast is run by one of the Friends of the Museum and sounds really interesting.

The Folklore Podcast is a bi monthly podcast covering all aspects of folklore and tradition, and one episode each month features a special guest from the Folklore world. Episode 1 is on Slender Man and features Dr Andrea Kitta talking about her research. on Facebook.
@folkloepod on Twitter.
But most importantly please listen and subscribe at absolutely free. An episode supplement is available to download for 99p to accompany each programme. This helps cover our costs but the podcast is and will always be free.

http://museumofwitchcra ... ore-podcast/
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