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  Topic: Against the compass- travel blog
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Post number 24952Forum: Community Circle   Posted: Today at 9:20   Subject: Against the compass- travel blog
My name is Joan Torres, a full-time and slightly crazy traveler, travel-writer and photographer who grew up in a coastal Mediterranean village named Roses, in Catalonia, Spain. I love beer, gazpacho, photography, swimming, jamón, trekking, cultures and, most important, I love getting lost in destinations off the beaten track.

In 2013, I moved to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where I lived and worked in a corporate job for almost 3 years of my life. It was a nice, good and comfortable life but, one day, I decided to fuck everything, quit my job and travel to some of the most bizarre countries in the world.

That’s the short story. If you want to know the long story, click here.
https://againstthecompa ... the-compass/

https://againstthecompa ... the-compass/

Another interesting story is
Iran as a solo female traveler – Interview with Earth Wanderess

https://againstthecompa ... le-traveler/

And specifically for solo female travelers:
https://againstthecompa ... e-traveling/
  Topic: Nuevo encuentro pagano con PFI en Valencia
Post number 24953Forum: Spanish language forum   Posted: Today at 14:48   Subject: Nuevo encuentro pagano con PFI en Valencia
Que enriquecedor es oír pareceres, escuchar opiniones y aprender.
Disfrutar de unos lugares maravillosos, y estar en buena compañía.
En fin una vez más gracias.
Ah! y hasta el próximo encuentro Pagano con PFI.
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