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  Topic: GBG "Year and a Day" Pagan Calendar for 2018
Mike The Blacksmith
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Post number 25138Forum: Marketplace   Posted: Yesterday at 23:03   Subject: GBG "Year and a Day" Pagan Calendar for 2018

I will second Morgana's request for a new topic entry.

I received my new 2019 GBG Calendar in the mail today.
It is just as full of interesting and useful "starting points" as last year.

It is a very worthwhile calendar to consult everyday.

Thanks for the great product.

Bright Blessings from the Forest,
Mike the Blacksmith
  Topic: Pretty heavy doing questioning of modern day Paganism
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Post number 25139Forum: People & Society   Posted: Today at 2:49   Subject: Pretty heavy doing questioning of modern day Paganism
and sexual predators. Read it through and then think on it about before you go with it or against it. It is going to be explosive to a lot of people, but not unknown to many who have been in the movement for a few decades
For Sale: Neopaganism “As Is”
By Sarah November 12, 2018 Community Issues, Witchcraft & Magic

On the Origins, Problems, and Future of Neopaganism

My goal here is to do more than just lift up a corner of the old wool carpet of neopaganism to reveal the dirt underneath. I think it is high time we just flip the whole bloody thing over and yell about how no one vaccumed under it for decades but just cleaned up what was visible. Lazy, right? Get your dusty brooms out of those closets and get ready to clean house!

My intent in writing this long article is to use my best “professor of contemporary pagan studies” voice and define neopaganism, to explain how neopaganism and the paths within it make up a movement and not a religion, to point out where things went wrong, and to help foster a discussion on how and if things can be changed for the better at this point. You may find frustration and disillusionment in my words. I may make you angry or sad. Or, I may make you grateful that someone finally spelled out all the fake-lore and flaws for you. I ask you to keep in mind that in person I am a very sarcastic and silly person from a long line of tricksters and there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek and wordplay in this piece. I am a writer and words are my passion. I refuse to dumb myself down for this one. I am no outsider looking in. I am no newbie. I have been immersed in neopaganism for the past twenty years as a student, initiate, community volunteer, teacher, performer, festival board member, and occult author. Some parts of neopaganism I really love, but other elements have brought be great disappointment and suffering. I am very aware in this age of globalization that I am not alone. My fears surrounding talking about the inherent problems of neopaganism are fading, so get yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee and get ready for a deep discussion.

Before I really get into the meat of the issues within neopaganism, I first need to get through the exhausting process of defining it. Stay with me, it’s worth it to clarify all the things.
sarahannelawless. com/2018/11/12/for-sale-neopaganism-as-is/?fbclid=IwAR1qdYsnDAsX2HRY-7cs4gDBKKox0sGozmRYPS59YWRi3M8cXOzamwP4HVQsarahannelawless. com/2018/11/12/for-sale-neopaganism-as-is/?fbclid=IwAR1qdYsnDAsX2HRY-7cs4gDBKKox0sGozmRYPS59YWRi3M8cXOzamwP4HVQ
  Topic: Pretty heavy doing questioning of modern day Paganism
Mike The Blacksmith
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Post number 25140Forum: People & Society   Posted: Today at 6:54   Subject: Pretty heavy doing questioning of modern day Paganism

Thank you so much for the posting of this article.

Some wisdom here for all.

"Stop looking for things outside of yourself to make you feel whole. Look to your ancestors. Look to nature. Look for animistic philosophy and try to incorporate it into daily life. Aspire to bioregionalism, assimilate to the flow of your local seasons, treat all life on earth as deserving of respect, and seek a connection to your own heritage."

Mike the Blacksmith
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