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  Topic: Climate Change, Looters Threaten the Archaeology of Mongolia
Mike The Blacksmith
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Post number 24315Forum: Off topic   Posted: Yesterday at 10:26   Subject: Climate Change, Looters Threaten the Archaeology of Mongolia
The history and archaeology of Mongolia, most famously the sites associated with the largest land empire in the history of the world under Ghengis Khan, are of global importance. But they’re facing unprecedented threats as climate change and looting impact ancient sites and collections.

Climate change and looting may seem to be unrelated issues. But deteriorating climate and environmental conditions result in decreased grazing potential and loss of profits for the region’s many nomadic herders. Paired with a general economic decline, herders and other Mongolians are having to supplement their incomes, turning to alternative ways of making money. For some, it’s searching for ancient treasures to sell on the illegal antiquities market.

The vast Mongolian landscape, whether it be plains, deserts or mountains, is dotted with man-made stone mounds marking the burials of ancient peoples. The practice started sometime in the neolithic period (roughly 6,000-8,000 years ago) with simple stone mounds the size of a kitchen table. These usually contain a human body and a few animal bones.

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  Topic: Vandalism at Ancient Sites, Who Really Cares Anyway?
Mike The Blacksmith
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Post number 24314Forum: Pagan Places and Sacred Spaces   Posted: Yesterday at 10:22   Subject: Vandalism at Ancient Sites, Who Really Cares Anyway?
Sometimes it doesn’t rain, but it pours. This month has seen two vandals, separated by thousands of miles, completely destroying a range of ancient carved animals. But does anybody really care nowadays, with everything else that’s going on?

Mindlessly Detroyed
The first instance is being followed up by a unit of U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, who are now searching for two people who etched their names over the “ancient bison at a Native American site at Kanopolis Lake, causing irreversible damage to the petroglyphs” according to an article in In the second occurrence, vandals in Chile destroyed a range of “ancient animal carvings” in hunters’ caves.

Petroglyphs are engraved symbols, geometric forms, animals and anthropomorphic concepts where the dark surface layer is carved away from a rock face revealing the lighter rock beneath. Tim Meade, archaeologist for the Corps of Engineers told reporters "It is very sad someone would think to destroy something… considered to have important spiritual meaning to Native Americans representing the works of their ancient ancestors. ”

http://www.ancient-orig ... nyway-009749
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